CM Appeal Process for Providers

Providers may appeal the denial credit for any submitted event using a two-level appeal process.

First Level of Appeal

In the first level of appeal, a provider is afforded one opportunity to submit additional materials about the event, supporting its appeal request. APA staff, in consultation with the Executive Director and CEO, may reverse the initial denial if the determination can be made that the additional supporting materials submitted by the provider: (1) clearly demonstrate how the event meets CM criteria, and (2) clearly and accurately refute the initial denial.

Second Level of Appeal

Any second-level appeal of APA staff and the Executive Director's decision will be based entirely on the record submitted and will be based on a decision of a three-person panel of AICP members: one member shall be appointed by the Executive Director, one member shall be appointed by the provider, and one member shall be selected by the other two.

The meeting will be held via teleconference with only the three panel members participating, and their decision shall be based on application of CM criteria and the written materials submitted to the Executive Director as part of the first level appeal. The panel's decision is final.

Filing an Appeal

Please e-mail your appeal request to