CM Event Status

Status indicators are part of the CM Provider Dashboard and are meant to assist you in managing your CM activities. Your event will be tagged with one of the following labels:

Not Submitted = This event has not yet been submitted for CM review. 

Submitted = This event has been submitted and is currently under review by staff. Submitted events may not be edited until review is complete and event has been marked as "Approved."

Approved = This event has been approved for CM credit and is searchable by AICP members on APA’s Calendar of Events. Note: Approved events may take a couple of days to be published to the calendar. Approved events may be edited or cancelled subsequent to approval. 

Denied = This event has been denied CM credit. You may appeal this denial. 

Complete = This event is complete. 

Incomplete = This event is incomplete and cannot be submitted until all required fields are provided. Click on the "edit" tab and follow the steps to enter complete information. 

Needs Modifications = This event has been reviewed but requires additional information or modification to be approved or denied.

Canceled = This event has been canceled and has been removed from the APA Calendar of Events.