How to Become a Provider

Registration as a CM provider begins with an annual $95 fee that enables you to register events for CM and publicize yourself as a registered CM provider for a period of one calendar year.

You then select the payment plan or plans that best suit your training needs and for which you are eligible based on organization type.

Please note: Registration and payment plans are both non-refundable. Any non-annual unlimited plan may be upgraded throughout the year. Should you have any further questions, please contact AICP CM customer service at

Registration Steps

Step 1

Determine your type of organization. Read more about types.
Note: you will need your organization’s Tax ID to verify your provider type (nonprofit, college/university, government, private firm/other). Nonprofits are classified as 501(c)(1) to 501(c)(28).

Step 2

Create a provider record in our database, either by linking to an existing record or creating a new record.

Step 3

Select a registration year.

Step 4

Select payment plan. Read more about plans.

Step 5

Set up contact and billing information.

Step 6

If paying by credit card, you may immediately begin registering events for CM credit. If paying by mail-in (check, etc.) you may begin registering events for CM credit when APA has received and processed your payment.