To become an approved CM provider, your organization must:

  1. Provide or plan to provide advanced-level educational activities or products for professional planners;
  2. Submit a completed online application;
  3. Be approved by AICP; and
  4. Purchase a payment plan.

You may find the following information helpful as you enter activities for CM credit. specifically as you interpret and respond to eligibility requirements, write learning objectives, and add law and ethic credits.

Tip #1 — Review the CM Provider Toolkit

Turn to the CM Provider Toolkit for helpful information about the application process, links to payment options, details about CM eligibility, and guidelines for entering events and activities from the My Organization Dashboard.

Tip #2 — Understand the Basics of the CM Program

Events offering CM credits must adhere to the AICP standards of ongoing professional development for certified planners. We require that these learning experiences enhance and expand the skills, knowledge, and abilities of practicing planners, enabling them to keep up with advances in planning and render competent, professional service to clients and the public.

Tip #3 — Plan Ahead

Provider application review takes 10 business days from the day the application is submitted. You may not use CM branding in your promotions or enter events until your provider application is approved. Please plan ahead, please use the CM Event Criteria Checklist to prepare your event or activity.

Tip #4 — Gather the Information You Need

We have created a template that will help you gather the necessary information for your CM event. Including this information in the provider system makes it easy for members to find and register for events.

Tip #5 — Choose the Correct Event Category

Before you apply to be a CM provider, understand the types of CM events, including Single Events (Live in Person and Live Online), Multi-Part Events, and On Demand Education.

Tip #6 — Describe Your Event in Detail

Consider how your activity will offer a professionally relevant and advanced learning experience for certified planners.

This is a good event description:

Faced with declining downtowns and neighborhood commercial centers, planners need to learn how to bring new life to these areas. The seminar instructs planners on how to develop economic revitalization strategies involving design, zoning strategies, marketing, and partnering.

Advanced-level strategies and best practices will be presented and discussed by a panel of experts in the areas of economic development and urban design. The educational purpose is to teach planners how to initiate and implement revitalization strategy of downtowns and mixed use neighborhoods.

This is not:

This event is designed to meet a specific planning-related objective. The content is designed to meet planning objectives and meets the needs of AICP members. The content is designed to meet a specific planning-related training objective.

The more detailed information you provide the better. Learn more about CM Eligibility.

Tip #7 — Entering an On Demand Product? Review the additional requirements

A recorded educational product, such as a webinar or podcast, may be eligible for CM credit if it is at least 30 minutes long. There are additional requirements for on demand educational products.

Tip #8 — Remember to Add Law or Ethics Credit

Our system does not automatically identify the law or ethics credits participants can earn at your event, so be sure you do! Partial credit is acceptable, and if a portion of your CM event meets law or ethics criteria you may enter only that portion for law or ethics credit.

Tip #9 — Point AICP Members in the Right Direction

Include the website address that you want AICP members to visit, whether it is your provider profile or the registration site. The linked URL will appear next to your event on the CM Search page and on your provider profile. Also, including the event ID number in your listing (e.g. "e.#9109122") will help members find your event and log their CM credits faster. Provide the CM logging instructions to AICP members.