Types of CM Events

When registering your CM event, be sure to select the proper event type: 

Single Event

A single event is a self-contained, real-time event, such as a workshop, lecture, symposium, or audio conference where the lecturer and instructor are participating at the same time and at which participants cannot choose among multiple activities. All participants at a single event attend the same activities and earn the same number of credits.

Multi-Part Event

A multi-part event is defined as an event with multiple activities, such as a conference with several sessions or multiple registration options. Participants at a multi-part event choose between a variety of activities, or a portion of the event, and individual participants may earn different numbers of credits.

Note: If you choose this type, you will be asked to enter information for each of the individual activities available at the event that you would like to offer for CM credit. The event will appear once on APA's online calendar of CM events; the individual activities will appear on the event's detail page.

Distance Education

A distance education event is an asynchronous learning event, where the learner and instructors are separated by time and are not engaging in the event simultaneously.  The learner may access the material at their convenience.

Please review additional guidelines for distance education.