Between January 1, 2015, and April 30, 2015, you must sign off on the 2013-14 reporting period. After you have recorded all required credits, go to your CM log to review and sign off. You must complete this step before you can begin logging CM credits for the 2015-2016 reporting period.

Step 1: REVIEW Your CM Log

Record all of the CM credits you have earned by December 31, 2014
If you have logged all the credits you have earned and it is not enough to meet the requirements for the 2013-14 reporting period (which is 32 credits, including 1.5 each in ethics and law), you will continue to have access to your online log throughout the grace period that begins January 1, 2015, and ends April 30, 2015.

Step 2: SIGN OFF and CLOSE Your CM Log

When you have recorded all your CM credits for 2013-14
Closing your log takes just three easy steps:

  1. Review the final tally of CM credits for the reporting period that appears in your log. If it is correct, click Continue to Close 2013-2014.
  2. Read the review confirmation statement and click the adjacent box.
  3. Click Close 2013-2014.
    • All 2013-14 credits in your log will be archived.
    • You will not be able to make additional changes to credits logged for 2013-14 including adding credits earned.
    • Any rollover credits, up to 16 CM credits, will added to 2015-16.