CM Self-Reporting FAQ

Program Basics

What is CM self-reporting?
For every two-year CM reporting period, AICP members may self-report credits from professional development activities that are not registered with APA by the provider.

How many credits may I self-report within a reporting period?
You may self-report up to 8 CM credits per two-year reporting period.

How do I measure CM credits for self-reporting?
CM credits are measured in contact hours, so that one hour of instructional time equals one hour of CM credit (1 contact hour = 1 CM credit, 1.5 contact hours = 1.5 CM credits). Please note: Non-instructional activities or breaks (e.g., eating or drinking at luncheons or receptions, coffee, lunch, or bathroom breaks, etc.) cannot be included toward the contact hour(s) and should be discounted from your CM credits (e.g. a 1.5 hour event with one 15 minute break = 1.25 CM credits).

May I self-report distance education training?
No, you may not self-report report distance education for CM credits (i.e., asynchronous learning events, CD-ROMs, telecasts, or podcasts).

May I carry over self-reported credits from one reporting period to another?
No, the maximum number of self-report credits per two-year reporting period is 8. The self-report form does not carry over credits in excess of 8 from one reporting period to the next. A new self-report form and option to claim 8 CM credits will become available during the next two-year reporting period.

May I self-report credits for events prior to the start of my reporting period?
The CM reporting period for new AICP members begins the January after AICP exam candidates have officially been granted AICP membership. AICP members may not apply credits earned before their official membership begins but may earn up to 16 CM credits from the time their membership officially begins and the start of the reporting period.

How do I log credits for a multi-part event (e.g. conference)? 
You can report multiple sessions using the same form. Please describe each session in the "Event or Course Description." 

Credit for Speaking, Instructing, or Presenting

If you were a speaker or instructor at an event, you will receive CM credits for the duration of the activity, or the amount of time you spoke or instructed, plus 1 hour (CM) for preparation regardless of activity length. In the CM log, credit for speaking will be identified with an "S".

Can I earn credits for giving the same presentation more than once?
No, speaking credit may be earned only once for the same presentation or instruction.

What if I did not attend the event in full and wish to claim credits for just the time I presented?
You may claim credits for only the time you presented by selecting "I was a speaker/instructor at this event" and entering the total time presented by selecting from the "Credits Requested" option (e.g. spoke for 1 hour at an 8 hour conference).

Making Changes to Self-Reported Events

May I edit an event self-reported?
Yes, you may edit a self-reported event by going to your CM log, locating the event, and clicking the "edit" button next to the event title.

May I delete a self-reported event?
Yes, you have the ability to delete a self-reported event by locating the event in the CM log and clicking the "delete" button. After deleting, the event should be removed from CM log and CM credits will be removed from total CM credits earned.

What if I self-report an event that is later registered by a provider?
You may delete any self-reported event from your CM log. The event will be removed from your CM log and the CM credits will be removed from the total CM credits earned.

More Questions?

What if I have a question that is not listed?
Please refer to the Certification Maintenance FAQ at or contact a CM customer service associate at