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APA CD-ROM: Workforce or Mandatory Housing [includes Financing Growth Supplement]

American Planning Association

Central to the issue of paying for growth is the provision of adequate affordable housing. Should developers be provided with incentives or should they be required to provide affordable housing? Learn about the legal foundation for these programs and which approach works best in what circumstance. How common are these programs?

This program includes the Financing Growth Supplement. This supplement includes two sessions concerning how to pay for growth: "Paying for Growth: An Overview" and "Open Mike: Is Growth Ever Free?" Listen to several views on different approaches to this universal problem. These two sessions are full of ideas, discussion, and information on how to get growth to pay for itself.


David Callies, FAICP

James Nicholas

Leigh Anne King, AICP

Arthur Nelson, FAICP

Terry F. Holzheimer, AICP

Robert Burchell

Tyson Smith, AICP

Julie Tappendorf

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