#e.23289 Sunday 2:00PM to Tuesday 12:30PM
June 10 - March 12, 2013
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2012 Spring Conference: Driving Innovation & Prosperity

St. Louis, MO

As the recession’s impact lingers on people, places and firms, how do you chart a path to prosperity?
Attend the International Economic Development Council’s 2012 Spring Conference, June 10-12, in St. Louis, Missouri, to learn cutting-edge tools and strategies that ignite innovation and transform your community’s economic base for a promising economy. .
More exports, new sources of energy and increasing returns on knowledge and ideas are the sources of future economic growth. A strategy to capture this growth and transform a region’s economy will leverage assets, spark innovation, strengthen infrastructure, and cultivate a place where talented people and firms want to be. Conference attendees will learn how to build on their communities’ assets and industrial base to stimulate the growth of new clusters, companies and jobs.
Like many major industrial hubs, St. Louis experienced significant decline in its manufacturing base during the late 20th century. The city responded to the challenge by leveraging its innovation assets and is now known for world-class healthcare and research institutions, a growing brokerage and investment services sector, and as a center for plant and life sciences. This dynamic and progressive city will provide a rich learning laboratory of best practices for transforming a local economic base.


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