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September 27, 2013
CM | 2.00

2013 Speaker Series - Caltrans Resiliency Planning Efforts

APA California Chapter, Sacramento Valley Section
Sacramento, CA

Webster defines resilience as “an ability to recover from or adjust easily to change.” Communities, with the assistance of design professionals, must constantly seek ways to adjust to new economic realities, changing demographics, diminishing resources, and the need for climate adaptation. With signs of economic recovery on the horizon, the Sacramento Valley Region needs to be well-poised to recover in a more sustainable, healthier, smarter, and economic-friendly manner. In year six of the Sacramento Valley American Planning Association’s Speaker Series, we will join with our partners to focus on a variety of cutting edge tools and strategies to shape our future and adjust to changes.
Transportation is essential to disaster response and recovery, and the way to speed the process is through; a more robust and resilient transportation system. To get that, you need good planning and modeling tools, as well as regional cooperation between both the private and public sectors, to plan more resilient communities. This panel of speakers looks at comprehensive disaster resiliency planning from 3 different aspects touching on these issues.



Garth Hopkins

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