#e.24158 Tuesday 6:30PM to 9:00PM
September 24, 2013
CM | 2.50

Grow Smart RI - Design Guidelines and Standards Workshop

APA Rhode Island Chapter
Neighborhood Guild, Peace Dale, RI

Free event

This workshop is designed for RI municipal planners and planning boards who are considering the use of design guidelines /standards to ensure that the development in their communities reflects the physical character that the community wants and avoids design that the community doesn’t want. There are a range of approaches that can be used, and in order to select the approach best suited to their community’s needs, planners and boards need to follow a thought process that includes input from the broader community at key points. This workshop, led by an architect and a planner who have helped a number of communities to adopt design guidelines/standards, will take participants through the various steps in the process, discussing who should be involved and what questions need to be considered.

Part 1- What do we want?
Led by Don Powers, Union Studio Architecture & Community Design (30 minutes presentation, 30 minutes questions)
-Helping the community to analyzing the existing physical character of an area and
-arrive at a community consensus about what they want the area to be like in the future.
o What physical elements to look at,
o how to recognize shifts in character from one section of a neighborhood to the next
o various approaches that can be used to engage the public and arrive at consensus about what community wants (charrettes, online surveys, etc.)
- Considering the range of approaches available (guidelines, ordinance provisions, regulations) to communicate what the community wants to developers

Exercise- (1/2 hour)
-Map/Pictorial view of Wakefield, the participants will be divided into 3 groups, each group will determine how the area breaks down into different design typologies that may require different guidelines
-determine who will take pictures and make map, GrowSmart RI willing to take pictures

Part 2- How should we use our community planning/regulatory framework to get what we want?
Led by Nate Kelly, Horsley Witten (30 minute presentation, 30 minutes questions)
-Various approaches for incorporating the municipalities’ design goals into RI’s community planning framework – comprehensive plan, ordinances, regulations
Use Jamestown, Knightsville, and CVD as examples across the spectrum of more to less discretion; -Provide codes or links to codes
-What questions need to be considered to determine which approach is more suitable
o your community’s goals
o staff resources
o approach to project review
o community “stomach” for regulating design
-Importance of pre-application meetings
-How these different models play out when a board has to review a project
-Chart the different models and how the review process would work


Donald Powers

Nathan Kelly AICP

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