#e.24188 Wednesday 1:00PM to Friday 4:00PM
September 25-27, 2013
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New York Upstate Chapter APA and New York Chapter ASLA 2013 Joint Annual Conference: "Recharging Communities Through Planning & Design"

APA New York Upstate Chapter
Schenectady, NY

This event is the annual conference of the New York Upstate APA Chapter. It is a joint conference with the New York Upstate Chapter of the ASLA.

The annual Chapter conference is targeted toward professional planners and designers. Sessions have been selected to represent a broad range of topics of current interest and importance to professional planners. All session expect a level of knowledge appropriate to planners at an AICP level of experience (minimum of two years of planning experience). Each session meets a specific planning-related objective; although the specific learning objective varies by session, it is generally to expand knowledge in a particular field; introduce planners to a more specialized and/or advanced field of specialization; provide a sense of ‘best practices’ or higher level techniques in a specific topic, and/or inform planners of new research, practices or concepts in a field. It is recognized that the conference is the primary opportunity for professional development for many of our planners so sessions and activities have been specifically chosen to meet CM criteria.

Conference topics address innovative planning, design and technology while honoring themes that reflect a host city with a storied history. Twenty-eight conference sessions and six mobile workshops are geared around three tracks or “currents.”

Power of Water. Water is a powerful force that carves and connects our landscape. It is essential to life in so many ways and, in turn, presents hazards that must be respected. This current investigates a wide array of potential challenges and opportunities for planning and design.

Community Transformers. Downtown revitalization, arts and culture, brownfield redevelopment, and rural land protection and development all contribute to the transformation of our communities. The sessions in this current explore how we can design, plan, preserve, and enhance our resources for community transformation.

Transportation Conduits. Transportation -- and enhancements such as trails, bicycle facilities, and greenways -- affect land use and development patterns. Access to transportation options affects mobility. This current will address how we can plan and design our transportation conduits in light of recent policy and fiscal changes.


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#a.175191 Thursday September 26, 8:30AM to 10:00AM

3D Modeling of Surface and Subsurface Features on Land & Water

CM | 1.50

Discover how to incorporate 3D modeling of subsurface features on land and water through a combination of technical presentations, case studies, and roundtable ... more

#a.175179 Wednesday September 25, 3:00PM to 4:30PM

A Critical Look at Retrofitting Suburbia

CM | 1.50

In a time threatened by climate change, population growth, and limited fossil fuels, it is critical that we as a society think creatively about how to live more ... more

#a.175193 Thursday September 26, 8:30AM to 10:00AM

Albany's Transit Oriented Guidebook: Tools, Form & Urban Design

CM | 1.50

This presentation will describe planning challenges and tools that are emerging to form compact development around transit stations and transit corridors in exi ... more

#a.175196 Thursday September 26, 10:30AM to 12:00PM

Amsterdam's Successful Long-Range Planning Strategy on Reconnecting the City with its Waterfront

CM | 1.50

The City of Amsterdam, NY is beginning to realize the benefits of long-range community, economic development and cultural heritage planning with assistance from ... more

#a.175247 Thursday September 26, 4:00PM to 5:30PM

Assessing & Addressing Neighborhood Conditions in Distressed Communities: The CORe Initiative in Albany

CM | 1.50

Despite the investment of significant public and private resources over the years, many Upstate urban neighborhoods remain concentrated sites of dilapidated hou ... more

#a.175185 Friday September 27, 10:45AM to 12:15PM

Busy Complete Green Streets

CM | 1.50

Current urban design policies are asking our planners, engineers, and landscape architects to plan and build roads that make us healthier, protect the environme ... more

#a.175243 Thursday September 26, 4:00PM to 5:30PM

Connecting Schenectady's Past to its Future (Mobile Workshop)

CM | 1.50

Schenectady has planned for downtown's revival by adopting specific strategies and then trying to stay with them as administrations, economic conditions and opp ... more

#a.175197 Thursday September 26, 10:30AM to 12:00PM

Connecting the Neighborhood: Complete Streets in Action

CM | 1.50

Across New York State, communities are recognizing the vital relationship that exists between their neighborhoods and the streets that run through them, and tha ... more

#a.175246 Thursday September 26, 4:00PM to 5:30PM

Coordinated Land Use and Transportation Planning through MPOs

CM | 1.50

Many Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) have undertaken or developed programs to support coordinated land use and transportation planning. GTC (Genesee ... more

#a.175241 Thursday September 26, 2:00PM to 3:30PM

Creating a Community Park that serves as a National Underground Railroad Memorial and Local Fishing Spot

CM | 1.50

This panel discussion will examine the collaborative process undertaken to get a culturally significant waterfront park in the City of Buffalo included in the N ... more