#e.24247 Friday 9:00AM to 4:00PM
September 27, 2013
CM | 7.00

Heartland Active Transportation Summit

APA Nebraska Chapter
Omaha, NE

The Heartland Active Transportation Summit (HATS) is a community event dedicated to elevating awareness of the role active modes of transportation play in enhancing the mobility and health of the region’s citizens. The event provides an opportunity to share knowledge and tools that can improve the performance of active transportation, providing system users with greater levels of accessibility and improving the quality of their lives.

Over the past two years, HATS has worked to increase awareness for active and public transportation options throughout the Omaha-Council Bluff metropolitan area. As the region’s mobility and accessibility improve through the increased use of alternative transportation, the impact of automobile parking on our built environment becomes increasingly worthy of discussion. The focus of the 2013 summit will be Parking for Livable Communities.



Jeff Speck

Casey Jones

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