#e.24289 Tuesday 1:00PM to Thursday 3:30PM
December 3-5, 2013
CM | 7.50

TE-27 Traffic Flow Principles for Practitioners

Technology Transfer Program at UC Berkeley
online, CA

This online training course provides fundamental and practical knowledge on traffic flows, with emphasis on how to assess and improve these flows. Attendees will learn basic assessment methods and traffic flow theories particularly for evaluating the effects of bottlenecks, as well as the application of these concepts to improve traffic conditions on street and highway networks. This course uses a combination of lectures, case-study examples, and classroom exercises to convey tools and logic for tackling traffic problems. It provides a sound technical foundation for more specialized courses such as traffic signal operations, freeway operations, and roadway capacity analysis. Topics include:

- Fundamental flow concepts and traffic stream properties
- Assessment tools such as time space and queuing diagrams
- Models for congested traffic
- Bottleneck evaluation and capacity analysis
- Evaluation of vehicle delays
- Applications to traffic signals, ramp-metering, network design and network-wide congestion management

Attendees will gain good understanding of principles in traffic operations and how these principles can be applied to address real-world traffic problems.

This course is specially tailored for engineers and planners who work in the traffic and transportation fields, with or without previous formal training/experience in traffic flow fundamentals.



Eric Gonzales, Ph.D.

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