#e.24330 Tuesday 8:30AM to 3:00PM
October 29, 2013
CM | 5.00

Improving Stream Crossings

UMass Transportation Center
Marlborough, MA

This workshop will focus on making stream crossings safer and more resilient in the face of future storms. Many crossings fail, in some cases repeatedly, due to their inability to pass high flows and the materials stirred up by the river at flood stage. These crossings require ongoing maintenance and repairs when they become plugged with debris. Crossings designed with rivers in mind – and meeting the Massachusetts Stream Crossing Standards – can safely pass huge volumes of water, sediment, and debris stirred up by high flows, and maintain safe passage for emergency personnel and residents. Stream Crossing Standards alone do not satisfy the need for proper engineering and design.

When sizing a crossing for high flows, communities must account for potential effects of climate change on future storm characteristics and changes in stream hydrology due to development. Expert presenters will provide best practices and case studies on replacing roadstream crossings – covering site assessment, engineering standards, permitting, funding and installation.



Alison Bowden

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