#e.24342 Thursday 7:30AM to 3:30PM
September 26, 2013
CM | 6.75

Active Community Design

Training Resources
Johnston, IA

Free event

Purpose/Objectives: To bring community leaders and health care professionals together to discuss and create strategic plans for creating healthier communities.

1. Learn connection between physical inactivity and chronic disease.

2. Learn 5 key elements and local resources for building a healthy community.

3. Recognize best-practice policy approaches for healthy community design such as updated zoning, complete streets, transporation networks and managment approaches.

4. Create strategic plans for implementing ideas and knowledge gained from the day.

Session Descriptions:
Keynote: Building Healthier Communities with Sticky Design- Individuals attending this session learn current physical activity recommendations and rates and the connection between physical inactivity and chronic disease. They will recognize the obesity epidemic as twin epidemics of physical inactivity and poor nutrition, requiring community-level intervention as well as, understand a socio-ecological approach to population behavior change and limitations of attempts at increasing physical activity, based only on individual behavior modification. We will discuss the five key elements of the built environment that encourage routine physical activity and healthy eating. Attendees will recognize best-practice policy approaches for healthy community design such as updated zoning, complete streets, transportation trail networks, and transportation demand management approaches such as Safe Routes to School initiatives.

Panel: What Works on Iowa’s “Complete” Streets– A diverse professional panel will highlight five Iowa success stories from across the state. Panelists will share successful projects that facilitated active transportation/physical activity and challenges.

Technical Assistance Express– In this session nine statewide resource organizations will provide a brief overview of an action item they have witnessed being successfully implemented in Iowa. Each Technical Assistant (TA) provider will be available to all local teams as they begin Team Work. In addition, each provider’s contact information will be provided for technical assistance after the event.

Team Work Sessions- These will be hands-on sessions among the teams where they will identify where they are in the spectrum of readiness, create levels of goals for their projects and begin laying out specific action items and concrete steps for developments.

Walk Audit- The goal for this session is to take a preplanned walk to discuss and demonstrate obstacles and opportunities for improvement in a pedestrian-focused community, as well as point out successfully implemented items. The location for this training event was strategically placed in order to accommodate this activity.



Mark Fenton (Keynote & Facilitator)

Russell Behrens (Panel)

Kevin Blanshan (Panel)

Robin Bostrom (Panel)

Tom Buckley (Panel)

Josh Shields (Panel)

Leslie Berckes (Tech Asst Panel)

Andrea Chase (Tech Asst Panel)

Kristin Haar (Tech Asst Panel)

Tammie Krausman (Tech Asst Panel)

Milly Ortiz (Tech Asst Panel)

John Peterson (Tech Asst Panel)

Kathy Ridnour (Tech Asst Panel)

Sarah Taylor Watts (Tech Asst Panel)

Mark Wyatt (Tech Asst Panel)

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