#e.24395 Thursday 8:30AM to Friday 4:15PM
September 26-27, 2013
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2013 APA Ohio Chapter Planning Conference

APA Ohio Chapter
Cleveland, OH

Planning in the New Normal.

Events over the last few years highlight the difficulty in predicting the future. Planners, as in many professions, need to respond quickly to economic and political shifts and their resulting physical land use impacts, and are often faced with more challenges than resources. Our previous ways of thinking have changed significantly. This three-day conference will focus on moving forward - "Planning in the New Normal."

The APA Ohio state-wide Planning Conference attracts planning professionals, elected officials, planning commission and zoning board members, zoning inspectors, attorneys, developers, real estate professionals and construction-related industry representatives. This year’s conference is designed to showcase innovative tools, techniques, projects, plans, research and other initiatives that are transferable to communities throughout Ohio.


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#a.177913 Friday September 27, 8:15AM to 9:45AM

Better Decision Making for Planning & Zoning Officials

CM | 1.50

This session, based on the recently published “The Citizen’s Guide to Planning and The Planning Commissioners Guide”, will be an interactive discussion of how c ... more

#a.177926 Friday September 27, 1:30PM to 2:45PM

Beyond Basics of Social Media: Expanding Public Engagement

CM | 1.25

The Cincinnati Department of City Planning & Buildings has been using social media outlets to engage a segment of the population that has been difficult to reac ... more

#a.177928 Friday September 27, 3:00PM to 4:15PM

Big Planning in a Small City: Huron's Vision 2020

CM | 1.25

This session will show how long-term planning can revitalize small towns by creating consensus, excitement and momentum. Utilizing the recently completed City-W ... more

#a.177932 Thursday September 26, 1:15PM to 2:45PM

Branding the Plan: Strategies for Communicating the Vision and Value of Community Plans

CM | 1.50

There is value in branding, and yes, there’s more to it than just a logo! This session will present the Greater West Dayton Corridor Project as a Case Study fo ... more

#a.177916 Friday September 27, 8:15AM to 9:45AM

Brownfield Cleanup: Reclaiming Land to Create Opportunity

CM | 1.50

Brownfields can be a black eye for a community, and many times planners or other civic leaders either do not know how, or are hesitant to approach them. As the ... more

#a.177904 Thursday September 26, 10:15AM to 11:45AM

Coastal Resilience Planning in the Great Lakes

CM | 1.50

In recent years, coastal hazards have occupied the headlines repeatedly, most often because of hurricanes, but also because of other storms and water-related ph ... more

#a.177907 Thursday September 26, 1:15PM to 2:45PM

Collaborating for Better Regional Sustainability

CM | 1.50

Collaboration across jurisdictional boundaries can be politically frustrating and time consuming, but communities of the same region often find themselves deali ... more

#a.177915 Friday September 27, 8:15AM to 9:45AM

Complete and Green Streets in Cleveland

CM | 1.50

The City of Cleveland’s Complete and Green Streets Initiative will make Cleveland a more livable city by creating a new toolbox that will enable a comprehensive ... more

#a.177924 Friday September 27, 1:30PM to 2:45PM

Connecting People to Places: Suburban and Small Communities

CM | 1.25

With population density spreading across larger distances and the many different perceptions of transportation choices, connecting people to places in suburbs, ... more

#a.177903 Thursday September 26, 1:15PM to 2:45PM

County Land Banks: Their Roles and Impacts

CM | 1.50

The Cuyahoga County Land Reutilization Corporation, commonly known as the Cuyahoga Land Bank, is considered the most progressive entity in the country dedicated ... more