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November 18, 2013
CM | 6.00

Water Rights in Idaho

NBI, Inc.
Boise, ID

Get the Tools You Need to Successfully Tackle Challenging Water Law Cases

The fight for “liquid gold” is getting ugly. With developers, government officials, energy companies, tribal leaders, utility companies, farmers and others putting water in their crosshairs, more and more attorneys are taking on these complicated cases. This focused legal program is packed with the latest and greatest legal strategies for protecting your client’s water rights and use. Whether you’re an experienced water law attorney or new to the practice area, this program will provide you with practical tools to tackle water law cases. Register today!

- Evaluate Idaho's administrative system in-depth, including applications for new water rights, licensing and transfers.
- Review special considerations for ground water rights in Idaho, including proving sufficiency of supply, injury, and other administrative issues.
- Analyze water right transaction issues, including water rights as real property vs. personal property.
- Learn how to properly address water rights in deeds and other instruments.
- Get a better understanding of easements and rights-of-way associated with water transportation and use.
- Better understand the ethical issues associated with representation of clients within the same water system



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