#e.24476 Tuesday 9:00AM to Wednesday 5:00PM
December 3-4, 2013
CM | 14.00

Project Design and Evaluation

WA State Department of Ecology/The Padilla Bay NERR
Lacey, WA

This course provides coastal resource management professionals with the knowledge, skills, and tools to design and implement projects that have measurable impacts on the target populations they want to reach. This interactive curriculum can help you increase the effectiveness of your project by applying instructional design theory to your project's design. Instructional design allows you to adapt and "adjust as you go" as you evaluate the success of your project. It also helps you build-in accountability, reveal assumptions, create a targeted effort, think strategically, and better articulate the impacts of the project on the issue.

After attending the workshop, you will be able to:

• Describe the context of project design and evaluation within the scope of agency and organization missions, strategic plans, and established program niches
• Apply appropriate instructional design theory and practices to project development
• Explain the role of logic models in project design and evaluation and create logic models for your projects
• Use performance measurement as part of project evaluation
• Describe types and levels of evaluation that can be applied to projects

Because this is a project planning/management process, it is applicable to any type of project.



Pam Kylstra

Ann Weaver

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