#e.24580 Thursday 3:30PM to 9:00PM
October 24, 2013
CM | 4.50

Blending Greenways, New Urbanism and Conservation Design

APA Northern New England Chapter
Bedford, NH

Whether in rural, suburban, or urban locations, creating greenway networks for informal recreation, exercise, and enjoyment of nature is the most fundamental element of enlightened town planning.

This workshop describes and illustrates how communities can plan healthier futures with physical exercise and wellness as central organizing principles of neighborhood and municipal design.

Attendees will see how greenways also provide a useful bridge between two of the last century's most compelling design innovations: the "new urbanism" and conservation design, both of which built upon earlier traditions. Simply put, greenways and the parklands they connect with neighborhoods, schools, and mixed-use centers, provide the unifying element that allows urban and rural values to merge, producing a superior hybrid community form.

The program will show how conservation design techniques can be readily combined with TND principles to create walkable, mixed-use neighborhoods, utilizing time-tested principles of community greenway design. Designing new communities around the central organizing principle of interconnected greenways and bikeways will lead to healthier neighborhoods, with both motorized and non-motorized links between homes, schools, shops, jobs, etc.

This topic is of interest to professional planners, civic leaders, Planning Board/Commission members, landscape architects, engineers, commercial property owners and investors, and developers, who stand to benefit from the redevelopment and adaptive reuse of aging highway commercial corridors and downtowns into multi-use centers for the 21st century, as well as residents who care about the future economic vitality and livability of their community.



Randall Arendt

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