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November 1, 2013
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Seventh Annual Ethics Seminar: Maintaining Personal and Professional Integrity in an Ethically Challenged World

Palm Beach County Planning Congress
Boca Raton, FL

The Seventh Annual Ethics conference continues the Palm Beach County Planning Congress's efforts to provide an opportunity for Professional Planners in the region to stay abreast of the evolving efforts at reform at all levels of local government, while also challenging them to consider the role of ethics and moral integrity as defined by the AICP Code of Ethics. This year’s event includes a prolific collection of speakers and panelists who will be challenging the attendees to go beyond meeting the minimum requirements of the law and code, to strive for a greater sense of responsibility and integrity in their work.

Randi Sims, Ph.D. will be exploring the ways in which ethical behavior is categorized, and how Planners can “Cultivate Moral Courage.” A review of the recently passed Florida legislation regarding ethics reform at the state level will be hosted by a panel including: Daniel Krassner, Co-Founder of the Integrity Florida Institute, Susan Maurer, Esq., Member and Past Chair of the Florida Commssion on Ethics, and James White, Esq, AICP, Partner with Weiss Serota Helfman Pastoriza Cole & Boniske, P.L.

Local Government efforts at ethical reform, the initiative and legal challenges to fund the Inspector General's office, and evolving rules for local lobbyists will be examined by a panel to include Steven Cullen, Esq. Executive Director of the Palm Beach County Commission on Ethics; Sam Goren, Esq., General Counsel for the Broward County League of Cities, and Thomas Baird, Esq., Of Counsel for Jones Foster Johnston & Stubbs, P.A.

This year’s keynote lunch address will be delivered by Norman Braman. Mr. Braman is a highly influential local businessman, who has led several highly publicized challenges to local governmental actions, including a challenge to the funding of the Miami Marlins baseball stadium in Miami, Florida. His advocacy for open and transparent governance and fiscal responsibility are a model of active citizen participation in making sure government agencies are acting on behalf of their citizens and not for private gain.

Review of the AICP code of ethics, contrasting it to those of other affiliated professions, and exploring its opportunity to exceed it's standards will be carried out by a panel including Charles Pattison, FAICP, President of 1000 Friends of Florida, Brian Teeple, AICP, President, Florida Chapter – APA and CEO of Northeast Florida Regional Council, and Emily O’Mahoney, ALSA, PLA, LEED AP, Partner of Gentile Glass Holloway O’Mahoney & Associates, Inc.

The role of law and ethics will be presented by a panel which includes Christopher Byrd, Esq., Principal of the Byrd Law Group. Mr. Byrd was recently Sr. Asst. General Counsel at the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. Mr. Byrd was released by DEP after making comments challenging the wisdom of internal policy decisions that he felt were undermining the efficacy of the permitting process.

A panel of local “new” and “old” media professionals will be held, to continue our exploration of the role the media plays in maintaining the transparency of local government, reporting on potential corruption or fraud, and acting as a conduit of information to both citizens and professionals.

The concluding remarks are to be delivered by Thomas G. Pelham, Esq., FAICP, former Secretary of the Florida Department of Community Affairs. Mr. Pelham will be speaking on the importance of Moral Courage, the planners code of ethics and how these helped shaped his decision making process when he held the highest planning position in the State.

This event will expand attendees knowledge of the code of ethics, state and local law reforms, and challenge them to examine their role in maintaining the ethical clarity of the planning and development profession.



Thomas Pelham FAICP

Charles Pattison FAICP

Norman Braman

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