#e.24688 Friday 8:30AM to 5:00PM
September 27, 2013
CM | 7.00

Basic Real Estate Finance

Urban Land Institute
Washington, DC

Designed for those new to real estate finance, this newly updated one-day workshop will provide students with a solid introduction to how commercial real estate is financed. Beginning with an introduction to finance terminology, the workshop will acquaint students with fundamental real estate finance terms and concepts including: IRV, debt capital, equity capital, valuation, the income statement, discounted cash flow, net operating income, internal rates of return, mortgage financing, leverage, and the capital stack.

The course will take students through the development and investment cycle to introduce and explain how a project is financed, where the money comes from, how risks are measured and analyzed, and how returns to lenders, investors, and the developer are calculated. A short case study will provide a practical illustration of the course concepts presented. This course is recommended for non-finance real estate professionals who wish to gain a fundamental understanding of real estate finance.



Dick Haney

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