#e.24722 Friday 1:00PM to 7:00PM
September 27, 2013
CM | Multipart

DICE 2013

APA Nevada Chapter
Reno, NV

D.I.C.E. '13 is a multi-disciplinary design conference in northern Nevada that continues to celebrate and advocate the value of good design. The purpose is to bring together design practitioners and enthusiasts to advocate and inspire quality community design. This will be achieved by:

• Increasing the awareness of quality urban design and demonstrating its value.
• Learning how other communities have been successful in accomplishing the same goals.
• Providing a venue for multi-disciplinary design professionals and community advocates to engage in discussion.
• Inspire designers.
• Educate the community.

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#a.177330 Friday September 27, 4:30PM to 5:30PM

Community Design Competition

CM | 1.00

Concurrent to this year’s DICE conference, the museum will be exhibiting the work of architect, William L. Pereira. The exhibit frames Pereira’s practice within ... more

#a.177331 Friday September 27, 6:00PM to 7:00PM

Midtown District Tour

CM | 1.00

Take a walking tour of MidTown District. MidTown is the heart of the city and is quickly becoming the pulse. The MidTown District was created by a handful of l ... more

#a.177327 Friday September 27, 1:00PM to 2:00PM

Speaker Chris Luebkeman

CM | 1.00

Chris will present on the future, sustainability, and innovation in design. He will discuss his role in facilitated the creation of an eCommerce strategy, init ... more

#a.177328 Friday September 27, 2:30PM to 3:30PM

Speaker Greg Lindsay

CM | 1.00

Greg will speak about the globalization, innovation, and the future of cities. As an expert on the future of travel, technology and urbanism, he will speak abo ... more

#a.177329 Friday September 27, 3:30PM to 4:30PM

Speaker Roger Sherman

CM | 1.00

Roger Sherman will present his ideas and work related to the community design for the future. His presentation will highlight some of the design challenges fac ... more