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September 27, 2013
CM | 1.00

Making a Plan: Partnerships for Transforming Community Health through City Planning

American Planning Association
webinar, DC

Free event

Successful partnerships are at the core of both public health and planning practice. With the right partners at the table, more change can happen faster and with greater satisfaction for communities. But how do we get planners to work with public health professionals? One answer: it takes leadership at the highest level.

In this webinar, Planning Directors and Health Commissioners from Austin, TX and Baltimore, MD will pair up to discuss how they are building bridges between their departments and working to transform their approach to complex problems like chronic disease. We will learn about how the Community Transformation Grant program has supported and encouraged these efforts in Austin, while in Baltimore, the city’s mayor has pushed inter-departmental partnerships.

This webinar is offered jointly by the American Planning Association and the American Public Health Association. Please join us in learning how two very different cities are Making a Plan for change!

Learning objectives:
1.Understand how planning and public health leaders set an agenda of priorities.
2. Understand how planning and public health professionals are building relationships through regular meetings and agreed upon objectives.
3.Identify strategies for engaging staff in planning and public health agencies to participate in and champion the work.
4.Explain how planning is integral to improving health throughout the county and what kind of capacity needs to be developed so that planners and health professionals can better work together.


Email: emma.din@apha.org


Philip Huang, MD, MPH

Carol Haywood

Oxiris Barbot, MD

Thomas J. Stousur, MRP

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