#e.24923 Wednesday 8:00AM to 11:00AM
October 30, 2013
CM | 3.00

CRA Basics Training

Florida Redevelopment Association
Tampa, FL

The CRA Basics Training is designed for planners and others who are just beginning to learn about Community Redevelopment Agencies, whether those duties are in their job description or not. This is an introductory short course designed for staff, elected and appointed officials. We welcome CRA Board or Advisory Board members who want to learn about the basic legislative, legal, reporting and practical issues, as well as best practices, for CRAs in Florida.

• Why Redevelopment?
• What are Community Redevelopment Agencies (CRAs)?
• What can CRAs Do and Not Do?
• What are the “Rules of Engagement”?
• How to be an effective CRA Leader
• What are the Best Practices?
• What is Increment Revenue and How Does it Work, How is It Collected?
• What are the Powers of a CRA?
• What can the CRA expend funds for?
• History of the CRA statutes in Florida
• Best Practices
• Reporting Requirements
• Open Meetings Statutes
• Open Records Statutes
• Applicable Ethics Statutes
• Financial Disclosure Requirements
• Public Private Partnerships as the basis for CRAs in Florida



Clifford Shepard

Carol Westmoreland

Jeffrey L Oris

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