#e.24985 Wednesday 8:45AM to 5:00PM
October 30, 2013
CM | 7.00

2013 Utah Land Use Institute Fall Conference Day 2: Politics of Zoning

Utah Land Use Institute
Sandy, UT

The Politics of Zoning and More

Wednesday’s discussion will begin with a discussion of what may be the most compelling trend in land use regulation—the role of the voters. Within the last few weeks, the Supreme Court upheld the right of Saratoga Springs voters to review the City Council’s approval of a single lot rezone. Citizens in Sevier County now are the land use authority for approval of certain conditional use permits, and a carefully–crafted mixed-use project in Layton failed to pass muster at the ballot box. Join us as we explore a whole new paradigm for the public’s role in land use planning and regulation.

Break out sessions will follow in the afternoon of the second day, where presenters will focus on specific areas within their vast expertise and instruct us on the finer points of land use practice. Every effort has been made to assemble a team of the
most knowledgeable and articulate commentators on each topic we will discuss. There is no other place to hear such qualified presenters discuss the most recent information available for those involved in land use regulation



Robert J. Grow

John L. Valentine

Arthur C. Nelson FAICP

Gary R. Crane

Craig Smith

Wilford Sommerkorn AICP

Megan Ryan

Christine Petersen

Margaret Plane

Nicole Cottle

Fred Aegerter AICP

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