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November 22-23, 2013
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Managing AECOM Projects

AECOM - Planning and Design
Toronto, ON

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The Managing AECOM Projects (MAP) course is a 2-day intensive session in the fundamental elements of project management. It is designed to be appropriate for project management personnel of a wide range of experience and maturity - providing training in PM concepts and in the context of AECOM’s business and our procedures and systems.

Course Objectives:

• To improve the quality and consistency of project management in AECOM
• For professional and career development
• To highlight the AECOM tools and techniques to manage projects
• To learn from each other’s experiences

The course is also approved under AECOM’s International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) Authorized Provider accreditation which permit it to be used for Professional Development Hours (PDH) and Continuing Education Units (CEU) to meet applicable continuing educational requirements.

Course Content:

The course addresses the following key areas of skill and competence required by AECOM Project Managers to successfully and profitably deliver their projects.

1. Introduction
2. Projects and Project Managers
3. Project Management at AECOM
4. Safety
5. Project Planning
6. Scope
7. Communications
8. Scheduling
9. Finance Concepts for Project Managers
10. Leading the Team
11. Contracts and Procurement
12. Change Management
13. Risk Management
14. Quality
15. Project Management and Control
16. Project Reporting
17. Project Closure
18. Winning Work
19. Making Life Easier
20. Wrap-up

Training Approach:

“Tell me and I’ll forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I’ll understand”

Training involves a number of techniques: lectures, facilitated discussion and exercises. Participants typically include project management personnel with a wide range of experience. The more experienced participants typically refresh their skills and understanding. More importantly, they contribute to the learning through relating the concepts to their personal experience with AECOM projects.

The training is preceded and followed by short in-class tests to document the learning that has occurred in the class and provide an indication of the competence level of the participants as they leave the class.

Very important “take-aways” from the class course are:

• The MAP Guidebook, a compendium of all of the elements of the course as well as appropriate supporting material
• A list of “Take Home Ideas” compiled by each participant
• A network of fellow Project Managers with whom they can socialize issues and ideas after the course is over.


Gary Andrews

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