#e.25291 Monday 8:30AM to Tuesday 12:30PM
November 18-19, 2013
CM | 10.25

Tribal Water in the Southwest

Law Seminars International
Scottsdale, AZ

Tribal water rights have become an increasingly important consideration in many water planning and resource allocation decisions in the Southwest at both the local and state level. This is especially so in water-scarce areas of the Southwest, where the primary source of water is groundwater and the Tribes' Winters Doctrine reserved rights, as well as water rights protected under state law, must be taken into account. Tribal water rights settlement activities have been at the forefront of discussions surrounding Tribal water issues as Tribal advocates consider the unique factors that contributed to the success or failure of recent proposed settlement acts in Congress. Additionally, concerns continue about regional water scarcity and increased demand and ongoing efforts to reconcile federal environmental law with Tribal water rights.

This conference will present an overview of the federal law governing Tribal water rights, as well as Tribal water rights protected under state law. The conference will also examine alternatives for Tribes to consider for use and development of these rights, whether held under state or federal law, including the limitations and feasibility of adjudicating water rights through litigation. Finally, the conference will explore ways in which Tribes, local governments and water agencies can work together to ensure an adequate and sustained supply of water for mutually beneficial uses into the future.






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