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November 19, 2013
CM | 2.00

OMS-UCF Distinguished Lecture Series: Jeff Speck on Building the Walkable City

APA Florida Chapter, Orlando Metro Section
Orlando, FL

Free event

OMS-UCF Distinguished Lecture Series: Jeff Speck on Building the Walkable City
Each year, three of the nation's leading planning experts travel to Orlando to participate in UCF's Urban and Regional Planning Distinguished Lecture Series. The lectures are sponsored by the Orlando Metro Section APA are open to the public and supported by generous contributions from the Central Florida planning community. Jeff Speck has dedicated his career to determining what makes cities thrive. And he has boiled it down to one key factor: walkability.
The very idea of a modern metropolis evokes visions of bustling sidewalks, vital mass transit, and a vibrant, pedestrian-friendly urban core. But in the typical American city, the car is still king, and downtown is a place that’s easy to drive to but often not worth arriving at. Making walkability happen is relatively easy and cheap; seeing exactly what needs to be done is the trick. In this lecture, Speck will reveal the invisible workings of the city, how simple decisions have cascading effects, and how we can all make the right choices for our communities.
Bursting with sharp observations and real-world examples, giving key insight into what urban planners actually do and how places can and do change, Jeff will lay out a practical, necessary, and eminently achievable vision of how to make our normal American cities great again. Planners will leave the lecture with real-world know-how and vision to implement the walkable City in their own communities.
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Jeff Speck AICP

Harold W. Barley

Christopher V. Hawkins, Ph.D. AICP

Mayor Kenneth W. Bradley

Nikhila Rose

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