#e.26188 Sunday 9:00AM to Friday 12:00PM
June 15-20, 2014
CM | 32.00

APA Professional Study Tour to London

American Planning Association

See the first great city of the modern world from a planner's point of view during APA's London Study Tour. You'll discover the challenges and complexity, trials and triumphs of planning for a global city. Go on behind-the-scenes tours and share ideas with colleagues in practice stateside and worldwide. You'll take home information and inspiration that will change the way you think about planning communities — including yours.

Join APA in London and learn about:
• Creating new spaces in old places
• Tackling large-scale urban regeneration
• Taking the lead in integrated transportation systems
• Balancing public and private realms in an urban center
• Preparing for Olympic Games — and what comes after
• Managing water resources, from the banks of the Thames
• Planning for resilience in a densely populated metropolitan area

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