#e.26615 Monday 9:00AM to 6:30PM
June 9, 2014
CM | Multipart

Planning for New and Expanding Bikeshare Systems - Washington, D.C.

American Planning Association
Washington, DC

APA and the National Association of City Transportation Officials are co-sponsoring a new workshop aimed at helping interdisciplinary teams of local and regional professionals create or significantly expand bikeshare systems in their communities.

Email: confregistration@planning.org
Phone: 312-334-1250

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#a.183401 Monday June 9, 11:45AM to 1:30PM

Bikeshare and the Built Environment

CM | 1.75

This session will cover: • Zoning code modifications for permitting bikeshare stations in the public right-of-way • Zoning code modifications that enhance fina ... more

#a.183403 Monday June 9, 5:30PM to 6:15PM

Public Engagement

CM | 0.75

This session will cover: • How to reach out to local businesses, especially those that will lose parking • Community buy-in as a way to build momentum and enco ... more

#a.183402 Monday June 9, 4:00PM to 5:15PM

RFPs, Contracting, and Funding

CM | 1.25

This session will cover: • Best practices in writing an RFP • Planning and design, marketing, operations, software and hardware providers • Best practices in c ... more

#a.183400 Monday June 9, 9:45AM to 11:30AM

The Bikeshare Planning Process

CM | 1.75

This session will cover: • Conducting a feasibility study and identifying program goals • Integrating bikeshare into long-range transportation plans for progra ... more