#e.27632 Wednesday 1:30PM to 3:00PM
July 16, 2014
CM | 1.50

Why Planners Are Critical to Achieving Resilience

APA Colorado Chapter
Denver, CO

The term “resilience” is everywhere, but what does it mean for planners? Join Andrew Rumbach, a planning researcher and educator focused on community-based disaster management, to parse out what resilience does and doesn’t mean, its relationship to sustainability, and how planners are uniquely poised to reduce the impact of natural hazards and climate change on our communities.
Learning Objectives:
1. Definitions of resilience, sustainability, disaster management, hazard mitigation and climate change adaptation and how they are both distinct from and interrelated with one another.
2. How Planners can affect the resilience of urban areas, including what tools they can use.
3. What resources exist to assist planners in this charge.
Main topic points include:
•Defining terms critical to resilient, sustainable communities
•Understanding the interrelation of these terms, what they do and don’t mean
•Providing examples of how planners can influence resilience and sustainability in their communities
•In-person lecture by Andrew Rumbach, followed by a short activity and a Question and Answer session.
•In addition to an in-person training, this event will be broadcast as a live webinar to encourage attendance by planners from across the state.
Requirements for CM:
1.a. This event meets a resiliency planning objective, which is of particular interest statewide after the September 2013 flooding and fires in 2011 and 2012.
1.b. No promotional information will be included or distributed.
1.c. This event communicates the objective of familiarizing planners with resiliency planning and how it is carried out.
2.a. This event is led by a nationally renowned subject matter expert, Andrew Rumbach.
2.b. The in-person and webinar format and lecture/activity/Q&A learning methodology is appropriate for reaching a broad audience.
2.c. No proprietary information will be used.
2.d. The full 90 minutes of the event will be consumed with CM-relevant content.
3.a. The in-person event will use a sign-in sheet and the webinar will record a list of those who have actually logged in and joined the event rather than just an RSVP list to record attendance.
3.b. Waverly Klaw will be responsible for paper administration of CM activity.


Andrew Rumbach

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