#e.27734 Wednesday 3:00PM to 4:30PM
September 24, 2014
CM | 1.50

APA Audio/Web Conference: Post-Disaster Recovery in a Changing Climate

American Planning Association
Chicago, IL

Demographic shifts and climate change are making disasters bigger and costlier. Gradually, the nation is moving toward more effective long-term recovery, while communities are working to become more resilient. But greater resilience calls for more sophisticated planning. Do you have the tools for a safer, stronger community? Learn about the next generation of post-disaster recovery planning from the people who wrote the book — and the new edition. This program is also suitable for planning commissioners. Cosponsored by FEMA.

Email: education@planning.org


James C. Schwab AICP

Kenneth C. Topping FAICP

Laurie A. Johnson AICP

Allison Boyd

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