#e.27739 Wednesday 3:00PM to 4:30PM
February 18, 2015
CM | 1.50

APA Audio/Web Conference: Sustaining Places Through the Comprehensive Plan

American Planning Association
online, IL

Sustainability and comprehensive planning can run on two separate tracks within local government. To create sustaining places, the programs have to come together — but how? APA has worked with 13 communities to develop standards for integrating sustainability into comprehensive plans. Hear about the standards and the goals behind them. Find out what goes into the plan, and get tips for successful public participation and plan implementation. Officials and their staff will see what makes a good comprehensive plan and how it can guide the community's future.

Cosponsored by the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy.

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Email: education@planning.org


Benjamin A. Herman FAICP

Abby Wiles

David C. Rouse AICP

Jennifer C. Rigby AICP

Paul DiGiuseppe

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