#e.27850 Tuesday 5:30PM to 6:00PM
September 23, 2014
CM | 1.00

Tuesdays at APA-Chicago: Principles to Guide the Future of Planning Practice

American Planning Association
Chicago, IL

Free event

The Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP) projects a population increase of 1.96 million people and 1.24 million jobs in the Northeastern Illinois region by the year 2030. And the cumulative impact of planning decisions throughout the region will determine the degree to which the built environment will satisfy the broad objectives of (1) meeting human needs efficiently; (2) creating economically viable and sustainable communities; (3) shaping the built environment in harmony with the landscape and the natural and cultural environments which frame the context of a specific project or area; and (4) nourishing the human spirit by creating beauty, diversity, order, justice, and opportunity.

In this program, Pete Pointner, FAICP, present seven key principles to guide the future of planning practice. Drawing on his book Planning Connections, Pointner will emphasize the cumulative effects of principle-based planning decisions, focusing on the important role that planners play in supporting people, the environment, and our economic well-being.

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Pete Pointner FAICP

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