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Tuesdays at APA-Chicago: A Factory in Every Home? New Manufacturing Technologies and Metropolitan Spatial Development (podcast)

Leslie P. McGowan, AICP

Tuesdays at APA-Chicago: "Wetrofitting" Urban Neighborhoods (podcast)

Anthony S. Pakeltis, AICP

Tuesdays at APA-DC: Linking Communities Together Through Innovative Regional Transportation Planning (podcast)

Mark Sievers, AICP

Tuesdays at APA-DC: Innovation in Sustainable Urban Housing: Four Case Studies in Latin America (podcast)

Gary G. Hamer, AICP

Tuesdays at APA-DC: Planning the Home Front: How the Lessons of World War II Apply to Today (podcast)

Matthew M. Davis, AICP

Discussion of a very interesting moment in the history of American governance, and one that is not often studied in planning circles.
Tuesdays at APA-DC (podcast): Strengthening Local Capacity for Data-Driven Decision Making

Glen H. Segrue, AICP

A good, broad exposure to the use of open data and the possibilities for the transparency, engagement, and policy formation it offers. We tend to look at the parts of data systems, and this is excellent at showing how those parts can interact with decision makers and the public. Well worth the time.
Podcast 2012 AICP Symposium: Aging in Place: Planning's Role and Responsibilities

John Joseph Guenther, AICP

Interesting combination of law, practice and policy.
Podcast 2013 AICP Symposium: People and Places

Jeffrey L. Hinkle, AICP

2014 AICP Symposium: Housing Equity and Healthy Housing Choices (podcast)

John Joseph Guenther, AICP

Tuesdays at APA--Chicago: Parking Management Strategies to Support Livable Communities (podcast)

Gary L. Jones, AICP

Climate Change Adaption & Resilience

John M. Creech, AICP

Climate Change Adaption & Resilience

Alan M. Richman, AICP

Climate Change Adaption & Resilience

Vamshee Kovuru, AICP

Climate Change Adaption & Resilience

Brandon Goldman, AICP

Climate Change Adaption & Resilience

Nicholas S. Walls, AICP

Climate Change Adaption & Resilience

James C. Birkey

Climate Change Adaption & Resilience

Margaret C. Kaii-Ziegler, AICP

Liked the interactive inclusion to the presentation.
Climate Change Adaption & Resilience

Gary L. Cleaver, AICP

A couple of technical problems but interesting overall
Climate Change Adaption & Resilience

Thomas Sheffer, AICP

Good webinar with excellent speakers. I didn't find the polls very interesting or relevant, but good to try and use that tool for audience participation. Norfolk is quite an inspiration!
Climate Change Adaption & Resilience

Peter M. Stith, AICP