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Tuesdays at APA-Chicago: Municipal Design Review in Metropolitan Chicago (podcast)

Douglas J. Thomsen, AICP

This podcast was a very intellectual presentation/discussion between two seasoned professionals. I would have enjoyed hearing more about the outcomes and findings of some of the studies mentioned. Although the discussion was based more in principle than policy, more visuals would have been good.
Streaming: Fiscal Impact Analysis as a Decision Support Tool

Laura M. Von Tersch, AICP

Streaming: Social Media for Planners

Sara Egan, AICP

very helpful - I'd like to see an example social media plan
Tuesdays at APA-DC: Innovation in Sustainable Urban Housing: Four Case Studies in Latin America (podcast)

Leslie Ludlam Gimeno, AICP

Interesting subject matter; it's great to see how the APA gets involved in other countries
Tuesdays at APA--DC: Travel Behavior, Transport Policy, and Sustainable Transport in Germany and the USA (podcast)

Anamika Laad, AICP

Very good presentation and well prepared slides.
Tuesdays at APA--Chicago: Parking Management Strategies to Support Livable Communities (podcast)

Andrea Schiavino, AICP

Great presentation. Easy to understand information and clear recommendations.
Tuesdays at APA-DC (podcast): Rethinking Federal Transportation Policy or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love General Fund Revenues

Andrea Schiavino, AICP

Great thoughts for planners to consider
Tuesdays at APA--Chicago: Walkability: Fact or Myth? (Podcast)

Darren Vance Gerard, AICP

Great presentation. Very good graphics. Explained well.
APA CD-ROM: 2009 Planning Law Review

Shiva K. Shrestha, AICP

Goo planning law review.
Tuesdays at APA--Chicago: Walkability: Fact or Myth? (Podcast)

Annemarie Maiorano, AICP

Streaming: Planning Ethics and the Law

Shiva K. Shrestha, AICP

Great webinar. I liked it.
Tuesdays at APA-DC: The Missing Metric (podcast)

Patricia Thomas, AICP

alot of personal hype up front, but it gets better
Tuesdays at APA--Chicago: Walkability: Fact or Myth? (Podcast)

Barry Pearl, AICP

The presenter made a number of good points about changing the way planners think about modifying travel habits by creating urban environments. Comparing what are being presented as "new urbanist" landscapes and traditional shopping malls and strip malls shows the problem with isolating nodes from high density residential development prevents feasible walking trips. Harkening back to the days of corner stores (eliminated by rezoning non-conforming uses) demonstrated the importance of having a realistic service area. Creating desirable locations with a mix of land uses and higher density without forcing change on existing low-density neighborhoods sounds like a realistic approach to achieve success.
Tuesdays at APA-DC: The Missing Metric (podcast)

Geoffrey Baskir, AICP

(The title did not match the presentation slides). This presentation provided interesting examples of the benefits to communities from dense development, particularly mixed-used development. A typical mixed-use highrise can generate ten to one hundred times the revenue of a low-density residential development or a big box retail cluster. They also consume fewer city revenues in services provided. Such economies of scale would be expected to favor dense, transit-oriented development typical of new urbanist projects. They don't work in all situations, though, due to variations in demand. A number of planning tools are becoming available to use data to help drive planning and zoning decisions. The author favors form-based codes over incentive zoning and other tehcniques, due to the control planners are given to determine the types of development they want.
Tuesdays at APA-DC (podcast): Rethinking Federal Transportation Policy or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love General Fund Revenues

John W. DePriest, AICP

Thought provoking and immediate.
Tuesdays at APA-Chicago: The Case for the Calumet National Heritage Area (podcast)

Matthew A. Krupp, AICP

Excellent background on the Calumet Region. Would have liked to hear more information about the benefits and challenges of setting up a National Heritage Area.
Podcast 2013 AICP Symposium: People and Places

David F. Watson, AICP

Tuesdays at APA-Chicago: The Case for the Calumet National Heritage Area (podcast)

Richard Lloyd Woodruff, AICP

Interesting historical overview. Lacked explanation of planning techniques utilized to establish the NHA for Calumet.
Tuesdays at APA-Chicago: Emotions and Planning (podcast)

Richard Lloyd Woodruff, AICP

The discussion focuses on an important side of planning where theory and finance meet the personal impact of planning. I would actually take and benefit from an academic class under Mr. Hoch.
APA Community Assistance Program (CAP) Training Recorded Webinar

William Ryan Givens, AICP

I learned that other chapters provide a volunteer service to local communities. We should be doing more of this in APA.