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Current Issues in Digital Billboards and Sign Regulations

Julie D. Phillips, AICP

I would really like to see a future digital signage webinar address mobile billboards with digital signage- an LED on a truck driving around town as a third-party off-site advertiser. The distraction these types of digital sign trucks present must have been studied (or litigated) in some jurisdiction, and I'm struggling with how to explain to a devil's advocate that these are genuinely different than the FedEx truck with its logo painted on the side. I had asked the question at the end of the webinar, and the presenters tried, but in that venue weren't able to provide enough information to answer my question. Overall, this was a good presentation- I would like to see more on this topic.
Current Issues in Digital Billboards and Sign Regulations

Joshua D. Potter, AICP

New FCC Order Exempting Changes to Cell Towers, Communications Antennas From Zoning, Other State and Local Laws Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2012

Ana Christy Fischer, AICP

I wish there had been a few more local government employees as participants and not just the attorneys advising of how the implementation should go
Roadway and Transit Rights of Way: Understanding the Legal and Practical Issues

J. Michael Noonan, AICP

nice over view and confirmation of approaches in this area of practice.
CEQA: California Environmental Quality Act

Mike Novo, AICP

We had a panel discussion on most topics, with a good mix of public sector, private sector, advocates and opponents. This was targeted primarily toward attorneys, but most of the audience ended up being agency and consultant staff.

Gregory H. Merriam II, AICP

A very good training seminar. Experienced attorneys covered the broad range of SEQRA topics well. Would definitely recommend.
Plat and Subdivision Law in Colorado

Lori Hight, AICP

Waters and Wetlands Regulation in California

Cheryl Kuta, AICP

Legal and Practical Issues of Easements in Florida

Heather E. G. Brownlie, AICP

Excellent speakers well-versed in subject matter. Lively interesting discussion between moderator and participants.
Legal and Practical Issues of Easements in Florida

Jack A. Butler Jr., AICP

Good coverage of the topic. Could have used better visual component to aid learning experience.
Legal and Practical Issues of Easements in Oklahoma

Elizabeth E. Jones, AICP

Wetland Regulation in Wisconsin

Gregory W. Kessler, AICP

Form-Based Zoning: An Alternative to Traditional Ordinances

Cheryl D. Soon, FAICP

Excellent coverage of Form Based Zoning: planning, steps in formation, and the legal requisites. Appreciated the examples provided by the speakers.
CEQA: California Environmental Quality Act

Frederick W. Buss, AICP

Class was very relevant and taught by local lawyers
Section 6409(a)/47 U.S.C. § 1455(a): Federal Law Exempting Cell Towers and Communications Antennas From Local Zoning and Safety Laws

Todd L. McDonald, AICP

Good webinar. Very thorough and well documented!
Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credits: Using Tax Incentives to Develop and Invest in Historic Properties (Update: Now Including the Recent IRS "Safe Harbor" Guidance)

David L. Buck, AICP

Half of the webinar was focused on the structure of funding mechanisms rather than the program itself. The webinar could have been broken into two: one for municipalities and one for private developers/lawyers/finance.
Public-Private Partnerships in Maryland

Steven R. Ball, AICP

Excellent review of how successful partnerships apply to redevelopment projects.
Current Issues in Storm Water Regulation, Honolulu, HI

Michael A. Murphy, AICP

The presenters were very knowledgeable of the special problems faced in Hawaii from aging storm water infrastructure to highly sensitive ecosystems susceptible to storm water damage. The presenter from the City and County of Honolulu's Department of Environmental Services was very knowledgeable about their efforts to submit the 2013 NPDES Storm Water Permit Annual Report and Re-Application.
Public Contracts and Procurement

Christina Berglund, AICP

Regulation of Billboards in the Digital Age

Forrest E. Cotten, AICP