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Law Seminars International has been producing high quality professional continuing education programs since 1989. Our primary focus is on emerging legal and regulatory developments in areas of the law affected by changing government policies or technologies. Our goal is to present the best possible programs, featuring distinguished faculties who are leaders in their field.

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Land Use Planning in California

Keith John. Woodcock

Excellent coverage of material. This was an advanced course.
Land Use Planning in California

Makana Nova, AICP

Deployment of Local Wireless Facilities

Thuy Hua, AICP

Energy Exports in the Northwest

Jon R. Wagner, AICP

I found it to be eimely and informative. The presentations spanned a broad range of interests and views.
New Guidance on NEPA and Section 106 Review

Karen Frye, AICP

While the speakers were very good, I thought there was too much introduction that most people would have already known, and not enough of walking us through the actual new guidebook. Was still worth attending.
Growth Management and Land Use

David E. Sherrard, AICP

Buying & Selling Electric Power in the West

Jim Stanton, AICP

Well done two day session with wide range of Federal and State issues explored. Lots of arcane electrical lingo however - be ready to take lots of notes.

Ivan W. Miller, AICP

Good legal training on SEPA.
Growth Management and Land Use

Robert D. Garwood, AICP

Excellent presenters who also provided very useful written information on a variety of topics. I highly recommend it.
Growth Management and Land Use

Karen Wolf, AICP

Excellent seminar; while directed at land use attorneys, I found the information incredibly useful for planners. This particular seminar is offered annually and I hope to return next year as the info presented is updated to reflect current issues and decisions.
Wetlands in Washington

Betsy D. Stevenson, AICP

was a good one day update of wetland issues (local, state and federal)

Tim R. Trohimovich, AICP

This was a good conference, but only only stayed for my session.

Jim Stanton, AICP

Good review of legal cases nationally and in WA State related to NEPA and SEPA
Growth Management Act

Jacqueline A. Reid, AICP

Water Law in Washington

Anne Knapp, AICP

The actual dates were June 2(Thursday) and June 3(Friday).
Water Law in Washington

Mark S. Buscher

Land Use in Washington

Thomas E. Beckwith, FAICP

Excellent program and good speakers.
Land Use in Washington

Mark D. Kulaas, FAICP

A wide range of topics of current interest to attorneys, planners, real estate. Well organized, convenient schedule, good variety of speakers.
State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA)

Michael W. Upston, AICP

State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA)

Norman A. Abbott, FAICP

excellent training session