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University of Iowa

The University of Iowa is a Carnegie I Research University with many programs consistently rated among the top 10 in the nation. Located in a vibrant urban and academic setting, it has been offering a fully accredited Master's degree in Urban & Regional Planning for 50 years. Students graduate with specializations in economic development, GIS, housing & community development, land use & environmental planning, and transportation.

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Midwest Creative College Town Conference

John Adam, AICP

It was an interesting departure from the usual regulatory-focused topics of planning conferences. It was also a pleasant celebration of the strengths of the Midwest.
Midwest Creative College Town Conference

Jennifer J. Jones, AICP

Great conference.
Midwest Creative College Town Conference

Danielle Murray, AICP

Water Management Policy Moving Forward

Richard Jabba, AICP

Good overal suite of speakers and presentations. Key points included: Focus on buildin a culture of resiliency; We are all in this watershed together; For every $ of federal money spent on disaster mitigation, there are $9 of benefits in reduced flood loses; and community building and visioning are key to flood prevetion and losses.
Disaster Resilience: A Local to National Imperative

Richard Jabba, AICP

Good points by Ms. Cotter: Current state of disaster management is messy; Her summary about what was learned, especially at the local level; the country lost its culture of resilence after WWII; and Federal govt should take lead for disaster management.
Innovative Responses at the Local Level

Richard Jabba, AICP

Dick Sloan had some good points and supporting graphics. He provided applied practices to explain how land is farmed and its impacts on soils and flooding. One lesson of Joe OHern: do not allow "duplication of benefits." Unfortuneately, Mr. Enshayan's message was lost since he read his speach and never looked up. Some graphics would have helped.
Iowa's Changing Climate and Water Run-Off

Jerry Anthony, AICP

This was a fantastic session!
Blue Zones Complete Streets Seminar

Kristopher J. Ackerson, AICP

Planning for Disaster Mitigation and Recovery

Hilary Copeland

Disaster Planning Workshop: Covering the Disaster-Resistant Community and Post-Disaster Recovery

Gregory W. Beck, AICP

Terrific host whose background on this subject was broad. Using this course, one gained greater insight into the Hazard Mitigation Process undertaken by FEMA.
Disaster Planning Workshop: Covering the Disaster-Resistant Community and Post-Disaster Recovery

Dan L. Gifford, AICP