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International Municipal Lawyers Association

The International Municipal Lawyers Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the interests and education of local government lawyers. IMLA champions the development of fair and realistic legal solutions, and assists members on the vast and cutting edge legal issues facing local government lawyers today. Our successful CLE Events, expansive network of legal professionals, and our local government specific information channels make IMLA the essential organization for any advancing local government attorney.

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Land Use Regulation by Contract: How to Draft, Negotiate, and Defend Development Agreements

Ryan Lane Guffey, AICP CTP

Nothing earth shattering here.
Taming the Beast: Managing Big Box and Formula Retail

Beverly Blessent, AICP

Let's Make a Deal: How you Can Get Rid of Billboards by Swapping Several of Them for One New Electric Sign

Karen Davis, AICP

Sex Sells, But Just Try Zoning for It

Barbara Ann Adkins, AICP

For Heaven’s Sake, You Can Regulate Religious Uses, But…

Margaret Ann Green, AICP

Fun With Form-Based Codes

Dennis J. Enslinger, AICP