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Technology Transfer Program at UC Berkeley

The Technology Transfer Program is a unit of the Institute of Transportation Studies at the University of California, Berkeley. Our mission is to bridge research and transportation practice by facilitating and supporting the planning, design, construction, operation, and maintenance of efficient and effective state-of-the-art transportation systems. We provide training, expert assistance, conferences, and information resources in the areas of planning and policy, engineering, project development, infrastructure design, maintenance, safety, and the environment for motorized and non-motorized roadway traffic, aviation, and rail.

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PL-02 Funding and Programming Transportation Projects in California

Dan Dawson, AICP

PL-02 Funding and Programming Transportation Projects in California

Jeffery Brubaker, AICP

Overall, it was comprehensive but also relatively concise in dealing with a complex topic. Almost all important funding programs covered at the federal, state, and local levels (TIGER was one exception). Some presentation slides in the printed manual had display issues (content getting cut out of the frame). I liked how it was mostly straightforward lecture, but with a small group activity at the end. If you overload with group activities, that sometimes does a disservice by breaking up the flow too much. So having just one at the end was good.
TE-27 Traffic Flow Principles for Practitioners

Heather E. Whitmore, AICP

TE-36 Multimodal Level-of-Service Analysis (On-Line)

Jennifer Haith Farinas, AICP

PL-58 Managing Transportation and Land Use Interactions (On-Line)

Christopher J. Gray, AICP

Great class
PL-58 Managing Transportation and Land Use Interactions (On-Line)

Oliver Miller, AICP CTP

It was good but a little too basic as I was hoping it would help me for the ASC exam.
Fundamentals of Traffic Engineering for Caltrans Transportation Planners

Kelly McClendon, AICP

Complete Streets Overview for Caltrans (PL-11CTP)

Richard M. Fahey, AICP

The course was relevant and helpful. Instructors were well-versed on the subject matter.
TE-32 Pedestrian Facility Design

Sally Hogan, AICP

Very good introduction to pedestrian facility design. Provided several project examples and presentedlessons learned. This session emphasizes CalTrans' policies, but also covers Federal requirements. Discussion of specific AASHTO guidelines related to intersection design and how one should consider ADA/pedestrian needs was very informative.
TE-32 Pedestrian Facility Design

David Johnson, AICP

Very thorough and descriptive. Excellent examples and graphics. Presenters were enthusiastic.
TE-37 Access Management

Dan H. Hatley, AICP

Excellent and a very good price especially for those of us not currently working.
Roundabouts: What You Need To Know (TE-38)

Dan H. Hatley, AICP

great info for planners to debate engineers regarding roundabouts
Roundabouts: What You Need To Know (TE-38)

Dan Dawson, AICP

Great in-depth discussion on design and modeling needs and pitfalls to avoid.
Fundamentals of Traffic Engineering for Caltrans Transportation Planners

Chris Schmidt, AICP

UC Berkeley's Tech Transfer Program once again delivered excellent content, motivated speakers and valuable collateral materials.
Bicycle Transportation: Bicycle Path Planning and Design (On-Line)

Casey Kempenaar, AICP

Bicycle Transportation: On-Street Design and Implementation (On-Line)

Robert Holmlund, AICP

Improving Safety at Intersections (On-Line)

Robert Holmlund, AICP

Funding and Programming Transportation Projects in California

Jeff R. Schwein, AICP CTP

This was a thorough curriculum of transportation funding and programming in California. The instructors were extremely knowledgeable and the course was comprehensive. I would recommend it to transportation planners and local agency engineers involved in programming and project delivery.
Roundabouts: What You Need To Know - Online Course

Barbara Ann Baker, AICP

Lot of great information! Sometimes hard to capture principals without experienceing some of the pitfall of actually driving the Roundabout with the shortfal.
Airport Systems Planning and Design (41st Annual Short Course)

John J. Kim, AICP

Comprehensive overview of airport planning and design concepts, including airside/landside planning, airport finance, economics, and environmental planning