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Online Tools for Community Engagement and Communication in Planning

Christine B. FitzGerald, AICP

Redesigning the Zoning Ordinance

Ned P. Thomas, AICP

Very knowledgeable instructors and good overview of contemporary zoning practice. Helpful examples and feedback.
Redesigning the Zoning Ordinance

Kari Svanstrom, AICP

Good content, very knowledgeable instructors who were able to tailor level of discourse s to the specific interests, questions in the class. Advanced class for those about to undertake work on a Zoning Ordinance. Nice balance between practical and theoretical.
Redesigning the Zoning Ordinance

David Rizk, AICP

Good overview of a variety of topics and trends; booklet contains good examples to highlight items covered during the class.
Updating Transportation Analysis in CEQA: How to Effectively Implement SB 743

Chris Thomas, AICP

Well-done, concise presentation of a sprawling topic.
LAFCO: Planning and Regulating the Boundaries and Service Areas of Cities and Special Districts in California

Brian G. Foucht, AICP

Very good coverage of the law and practice by instructors with years of experience and current executive responsibility.
Annual Land Use Law Review and Update

Brian G. Foucht, AICP

Typically the best coverage did not disappoint again this year.
CEQA Update, Issues and Trends

Sarjit Singh Dhaliwal, AICP

Great update on CEQA issues and trends.
Introduction to Geographic Informations Systems

Forrest B. Ebbs, AICP

Very good introductory course. I was able to get up and fully running with GIS after this course.
Habitat Conservation Plan Implementation

Jessica Sisco, AICP

Subdivision Map Act Part I and II

Linda N. Ajello, AICP

Mitigation and Conservation Banking

Gregory DeYoung, AICP

Combination of class and field visit a plus.
Understanding the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta: An Overview of Delta Governance and Regulation

Brad Kilger, AICP

Excellent overview of a very complex subject.
CEQA: A Step-by-Step Approach

Barton Brierley, AICP

Good basic class. I was happy the teachers kept it simple and basic without going into too much detail on particulars.
Financial Aspects of Planning

Tyra Lynn Bumbalough-Hays, AICP

This was a very comprehensive study of municipal financing practices.
Introduction to Geographic Informations Systems

Paul A. Jensen, AICP

Great introductory class on GIS. Lots of information in three days!
Using GIS to Manage, Analyze, and Promote Sustainability

Richard M. Fahey, AICP

Good review of ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Onliine integration. But somewhat lacking on specific sustainability topics.
Caltrans Environmental Compliance: Categorical Exemptions and Categorical Exclusions for local agency partners and consultants

Casey Kempenaar, AICP

Project Planning for Permit Integration

Katrina T. Hardt-Holoch, AICP

Think this was one of the best seminars I've attended. Good and knowledgeable speakers.
CEQA Update, Issues and Trends

Steve Stewart, AICP

Course provided updates on relevant issues and was taught in a style that blends humor with law!