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The International Economic Development Council (IEDC) is a non-profit membership organization dedicated to helping economic developers do their job more effectively and raising the profile of the profession. When we succeed, our members create more high-quality jobs, develop more vibrant communities, and generally improve the quality of life in their regions.

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Economic Development Credit Analysis

Heidi Shea Springer, AICP

The course content is exactly what I have been looking for to further my economic development skills. I look forward to more offerings in the economic development analysis vein.
Economic Development Credit Analysis

Anthony J. Molloy, AICP

Plenary: Jobs-Driven Skills Training: the Future of Workforce Development

Michele M. DeWitt, AICP

Breakout: Revitalize, Repurpose, Reborn: from Small Town to Downtown

Michele M. DeWitt, AICP

Plenary: The IEDC Federal Agenda

Michele M. DeWitt, AICP

Plenary: Momentum in Manufacturing

Michele M. DeWitt, AICP

Breakout: Emerging Trends and Opportunities in Exports: eCommerce & Services

Michele M. DeWitt, AICP

Keynote Conversation

Michele M. DeWitt, AICP

Pre-Plenary: State of Federal Economic Development

Michele M. DeWitt, AICP

Roundtable: Political RealTalk

Michele M. DeWitt, AICP

Professional Development Workshop: Strategies for the Work/Life Balance

Madison Silvert, AICP

Real Estate Development & Reuse

Bruce C. Payne, AICP

Excellent practical coverage of the issues relating to real estate development, including financing, site design, permitting, construction, and use.
Technology-Led Economic Development

Steven J. Bacs, AICP

Business Retention & Expansion

Dori L. Stone, AICP

Great course for all planners to learn about retaining and growing the business sectors.
Business Retention & Expansion

Amy M. Ring, AICP

Good interactive discussions and great information on economic development trends
Ignite IEDC: The Next Episode

Diane Richards, AICP

Your Public Private Partnership Dollars at Work: The New Trend in Infrastructure Investment

Daniel J. Hortert, Sr., AICP

Great presenters and extremely informative. Learned many new strategies that will definitely assist in our border region
International Consultants Roundtable

Diane Richards, AICP

Best Practices in Talent Attraction Marketing

Michael Alan Southard, AICP

Wonderful examples of how communities are recruiting talent to areas.
An Inside Look at IEDC's Metrics Research

Pamela J. Mundo, AICP