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Intelligent Cities/Social Media

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A popular term these days, "intelligent cities" means linking systems of electronic management, data collection, and citizen participation for better decision making and management for cities.

Planning and Broadband: Infrastructure, Policy, and Sustainability
Kathleen McMahon, Ronald Thomas, and Charles Kaylor
PAS Report no. 59

Online Education

Social Media and Ethics
APA Streaming Education, 2011

Social Media for Planners
APA Streaming Education, 2010


Beyond Smart Cities: How Cities Network, Learn, and Innovate
Tim Campbell
Earthscan, 2012

Intelligent Cities
Susan Piedmont-Palladino, ed.
National Building Museum, 2011

Social Media in Action: Comprehensive Guide for Architecture, Engineering, Planning, and Environmental Consulting Firms
Amanda Walter
Watermelon Books, 2012

Articles and Reports

Cities Share Data, Software Applications
Steve Towns
Governing, May 2012

Four Big Cities Launch Shared Data Platform
Noelle Knell
Digital Communities, August 1, 2012

Urban Planners and Open Data: Making the Connection
Karen Quinn Fung
Planning & Technology Today, APA Technology Division, April 1, 2011

Web Resources

National Building Museum: Intelligent Cities Project

Urban Systems Collaborative