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Open Space and Preservation Planning

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Community character extends beyond the built-up urban areas to the surrounding countryside. The benefits to open space protection extend far beyond character to habitat, environment, clean water, and other issues.

Conservation Design for Subdivisions
Randall Arendt
Island Press, 1996

Conservation Easement Handbook, 2nd edition
Elizabeth Byers and Karen Ponte
Land Trust Alliance, 2005

Envisioning Better Communities: Seeing More Options, Making Wiser Choices
Randall Arendt
APA Planners Press and Urban Land Institute, 2010

From Recreation to Re-Creation: New Directions in Parks and Open Space Systems Planning (PAS Report 551)
Megan Lewis, AICP

Lasting Value
Rick Pruetz, FAICP
APA Planners Press, 2012

Parks, Recreation, and Open Space (PAS Report 497/498)
Alexander Garvin, 2001

Planning and Zoning for Rural Character
APA Planning Advisory Service Essential Information Packet, 2009

Other Publications

"Local Agricultural Preservation: Making the Food System Connection"
Joel Russell
PAS Memo, March 2011

"Making TDR Work for You"
Rick Pruetz, FAICP
The Commissioner, 2005

"Saving Farms and Farmland: Ag Land Preservation Has Reached Maturity"
Tom Daniels
Planning, August 2009

"Sweet Smell of Success: The Right to Farm Act Protects Megafarms"
Timothy D. Bates
The Commissioner, 2007

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American Farmland Trust

Economic Benefits of Open Space Preservation: A Report by the Office of the State (N.Y.) Comptroller, March 2010

Trust for Public Land