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Social Equity

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Planning focuses on the broad view, considering the needs of all members of the community. Some communities go even further with more focused efforts to ensure a viable community that provides opportunity for all.

A Decent Home: Planning, Building, and Preserving Affordable Housing
Alan Mallach, FAICP
APA Planners Press, 2009

Fair and Healthy Land Use
Craig Arnold
PAS Report 549/550; American Planning Association, 2008

Planning and Community Equity
APA Planners Press, 1994

Right to Transportation: Moving to Equity
Thomas Sanchez et al.
APA Planners Press, 2007

Overlooked America
APA Planners Press, 2008
This book is no longer available through, but may be in your library and is still available from other online bookstores.

APA Publications

"A Sound Approach to Regulating Social Services Facilities"
Margaret Weurstle, AICP
Zoning Practice, January 2010

"Environmental Justice"
Lora Lucero
The Commissioner, Summer 2007

"Environmental Justice and Land-Use Planning"
Patricia Salkin
PAS QuickNotes no. 26, June 2010

"Fair Housing Act and Local Planning"
Alan Weinstein
The Commissioner, Summer 2008

"Human Investment Planning"
PAS Memo, July 2011

"Planning Communities to Support Successful Aging"
Nancy LeaMond
The Commissioner, Winter 2010

"Social Equity and the Cleveland 2020 Citywide Plan"
Nroman Krumholz, FAICP
The Commissioner, spring 2009

"Visualizing Fairness: Equity Maps for Planners"
Emily Talen, FAICP
Journal of the American Planning Association 68(1):22