APA provides many more web resources for planning commission and boards.  Use this index to find additional documents.

Training for Planning Commissions and Boards

Planning commissioner members are part of a national network of officials, planners, advocates, and students that is working to make great communities. There is a rich array of services, products, and programs for planning commissioners.

Ethics for Planning Commissions and Boards

Planning commissioners are guided by state ethics codes.  APA offers a number of resources that may be beneficial to planning commissions.

The Language of Traffic

Get an explanation of the numerous technical terms and definitions commonly heard during public meetings when planning commission or council reviews a development proposal.

Providing for Alternate Members on Planning and Zoning Boards: Drafting Effective Local Laws

It is not uncommon for the work of planning and zoning boards to be delayed or come to a halt due to the lack of a quorum caused by members’ conflicts of interest or absences. The August 2009 issue of Planning & Environmental Law (PEL) presents the issues that should be considered before drafting an effective, comprehensive law.

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Take a Look Back

In the summer of 1950, the Planners Advisory Service (PAS) surveyed 60 selected city and county planning agencies about their planning commissions. Learn how the planning commissions of yesteryear stack up to those of today and see if you agree with 1950s thoughts on ideal commission makeup and function.

Read PAS Report No. 19

See the whole series of early reports available online

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APA Library

The APA Library is home to a specialized collection of over 4,500 books on planning and related topics. We also maintain complete collections of APA serial publications, including JAPA, Planning, and various division newsletters. Learn more about the Library and search our catalog.