What makes your community a good place to live? How do great places grow, and what makes them special?

Community Assistance Program

APA's Community Assistance Program, with AICP's Planning Assistance Teams, was created to address social equity issues through the provision of specialized planning services to communities in need. This program is supported through donations.

Great Places in America

What makes a great place? We all can think of a street, neighborhood, or public place that is unique or memorable, but what makes it special? What elements combine to produce a place that not only works for people in the community but rises far above the ordinary?

National Community Planning Month

NCPM logoEach year APA, its members, chapters, divisions, and professional institute sponsor National Community Planning Month to raise the visibility of the important role of planners and planning in communities across the U.S. Planners address both the existing and future needs of a community. Celebrate the achievements of planning during National Community Planning Month.

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City Parks Forum

No longer seen as simply grass and trees, parks provide a multitude of benefits to their users. The City Parks Forum is about collaboration, sharing information, and exchanging ideas addressing the challenges of creating and enhancing parks.

Kids and Community

A website for kids developed by city planners. Explore how you created communities, how you live in them, and how you change them.

Sustaining Places Initiative

The Sustaining Places Initiative is a multi-year, multi-faceted program to define the role of planning in addressing all human settlement issues relating to sustainability.

As part of this initiative, APA launched the Comprehensive Plan Standards for Sustaining Places program. Pilot communities and test communities are helping develop a designation program that will recognize exemplary comprehensive plans aimed at sustaining places.

Disaster Recovery

Hurricane Katrina

APA and its members worked to help those displaced by Hurricane Katrina and to share the news that good planning could aid in the recovery and rebuilding.

Hurricane Sandy

Since Hurricane Sandy hit, APA has been working closely with affected members and their communities. Recovery and rebuilding efforts will take time.