Planning Assistance Team — October 2006

Henderson Point, Mississippi

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Harrison County, one of Mississippi's three devastated coastal counties, was eager to rebuild, but had not prepared nor adopted long-range comprehensive plans for any of its unincorporated communities. Rebuilding and recovery would require zoning changes and capital improvements, pursuant to comprehensive community plans. Harrison County, however, did not have the funds or staff to complete the long-range comprehensive planning process in a timely manner.

The Mississippi Chapter of the American Planning Association identified potential projects to help Mississippi's ravaged coastal communities rebuild and recommended that Henderson Point-Pass Christian Isles in Harrison County be the first to receive assistance from the Planning Assistance Team program. This project would not have been possible without the chapter's initiative and efforts.

Henderson Point Town Center Redevelopment Strategy

Community Planning Assistance Teams Report

The APA-AICP Planning Assistance Team was asked to create three alternatives to redevelop the town center of Henderson Point-Christian Isles, a small unincorporated community in Harrison County, Mississippi that was devastated by Hurricane Katrina. As requested by Harrison County, each of the recommended alternatives was designed to be buildable, insurable and functional.

Meet the Team

The team was led by Willard Tim Chow, AICP, Sierra City, California; and included David Boyd, FAICP, Middleton, Wisconsin; Angela Brooks, AICP, Chicago; Fleming El-Amin, AICP, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina; and Randall Gross, Washington, D.C.