Community Planning Assistance Teams

The Rockaways — Queens, New York

Community Background

After Hurricane Sandy ravaged New York City in 2012, the neighborhoods in the Rockaways in Queens were some of the most badly hit by the storm. The area is a peninsula, which acts as a barrier for much of the rest of the city.

Traditionally an underserved area of the city, the aftermath of the storm has not improved conditions for residents and businesses. Train service was not restored until late May 2013, and this already-isolated community suffers from more inaccessibility today. All businesses are not back, and the CPAT will aim to address the issue of services on the peninsula as a whole.

Given the geography, there are distinct neighborhoods that are often unconnected economically, but working with the Rockaways Development and Revitalization Corporation and the New York Metro Chapter, the team will look to foster conversations among many stakeholders through the area.

The goal is to create a vision of how the Rockaways businesses can work together to grow and sustain themselves in the future to provide services for the community.